Friday, February 26, 2010

God's Winter-Warmth

Before I came back to the United States, I struggled with the thought of facing winter. I wondered how I could bear it after living in tropical and desert countries for so many years. I hated the cold and had lots of fears about going through a whole winter at home. However, God showed me that not only could I bear it, He could make it something beautiful for me to experience. God used Buddy to teach me how to see the wonders of winter. Through prayer, God opened up my heart. I learned that He cared even about my fear of cold weather! My "heart journey" is reflected in the following poem.

Change of Perspective

Anchored for years in sun-splashed countries

my return to North America

meant acculturation to cold once more;

‘winter’ grew into a mountain-sized dilemma

overpowering my mustard seed-sized faith.

I crept about shunning the cold.

“Oh God, take away this fate!”

“No. Instead let me take you through it.”

He handed me three crucial tools:

a pair of boots, my dog and a new perspective

with all five senses heightened

to experience the winter I feared.

He planned to woo me

with a fresh, new love for winter

that I began to treasure.

God used Buddy to show me snow wonders!

God walked alongside us ...

Up and down hills, through the woods,

over fields chuckling at a bright-eyed dog

who delighted in his new world;

My prayer became, "God show me more!"

The overflowing fruits of God’s winter-warmth

soon burgeoned inside my heart.

-- 2/27/07 (rev 2010)

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