Sunday, December 13, 2009

Devotionals: Stepping Into My Goals!

I've just had some of my devotional writing selected by an editor for publication! The book is called "101 Faces of Faith." It should be coming out next month!! Yay!

Devotional writing is a good genre for me. When I explore a situation in my mind, I feel that God has taken time out to express His thoughts to me on that situation. He is speaking to me. He is speaking to me! He actually TEACHES me a lesson, or something that draws me closer to Him when I am writing. It's word-grappling, but when I'm tuned into the Holy Spirit, I know He is really speaking and it's not just my thoughts.

Writing can be so frustrating, and even contrived at times, but when my heart is in it, (or when God prepares my heart?) and I'm seeking, it's beautiful and fulfilling.

THIS is what I truly want to do with my own book, FOCUS ON GOD'S WORLD. God is using this specific experience [the FAITH IS... anthology opportunity] to train and equip me with the skills I need to feel confident and finally finish my "FOCUS" book. They stories are longer but they have my special voice in them. God gave me that time to travel but with the intent that I would encourage others to see situations in their own lives in which God is speaking to them. His purpose is all coming together in my mind now.

I've been walking in faith (stumbling really) but sure God had a plan / purpose for that kind of writing (I didn't even know about writing devotionals when I started writing them so many years ago in my newsletters; I just felt God teaching me lessons when I traveled and I wanted to get them down).

But now I see a market for this. God is now moving me forward by revealing each step I need to take. Maybe I wasn't ready to finish it earlier. It's all in God's timing. Wow!!! That's amazing!

The next entry is a poem that I wrote on Seeking God's Will in this crossroads of my life. Check it out!

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