Sunday, December 13, 2009

Lord, I Seek Your Hand

In the darkness I seek Your hand to guide me along each road ahead,
Though I often struggle and slip, unable to see where Your feet have tread;
As I strain and force my eyes open wide, I still fall short and lose my stride,
I long to trust Your vision for my life, with my own, I simply wander and collide.
I run ahead and lag behind, I want to walk in tandem .
Lord, I seek Your hand.

I yearn to run with joy to fulfill Your sweetest bidding,
Instead I croak ungraciously in pride, "Lord, You've got to be kidding!"
It fills me with delight when you speak to me through Your Word,
And confirm it with the voice of others; then, Lord, I feel self-assured.
I have so far to journey before I'm near where I should be.
Lord, I seek Your hand.

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