Saturday, January 30, 2010

Faith Aligns Our Treasures

Faith Aligns Our Treasures

For where your treasure is, there your heart will also be. Matthew
6:21 NIV

“Hi, Aunt Amy. Talia and I came to visit you,”

I looked up to find Rachel, and her bubbly daughter.

At two-years-old, Talia already had an eye for beauty.

“Oooh. Babies! Open please,” she’d whisper when she saw the Japanese kokeshi dolls stored behind glass. She longed to touch the brightly-painted collection. That and everything else! My booty from foreign travels delighted her.

This time, Talia stopped at an ornate Indian shelf. This held several teapots from around the world. There, she spied one just her size! A miniature tea set from

“Hey, she’s never looked at that before!” I exclaimed. “When did she become interested in teapots?”

“Her aunt Emily gave her a play set for her birthday last week,”

We admired the tea set with its tiny rosebud pattern. It was, of course, very fragile. “You can’t find this in
America,” I commented.

“no, Tali--.”

“Let her play,” I suggested.

Talia pretended to pour some tea into a cup. Then she added some cream. At last she drank it up. We chatted. She continued to play. A few minutes later, Talia stopped. She scuttled closer to Mama. “What is it, TT?”

One small hand clutched a slender handle. Our eyes traveled to the shelf where the creamer sat.

“I’m sorry, Aunt Amy,” Rachel gasped, “Her fingers are too clumsy to handle this stuff.”

“It’s okay,” I reassured. “It can be fixed. How about we keep this as Talia’s special tea set for when she comes to visit?”

Relief spread over Rachel’s face. “TT, isn’t that nice!”

Application: Realize our earthly treasures pale in comparison to us, God’s children, and what He has for waiting for us.

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