Saturday, January 23, 2010

Lord, I Seek Your Voice

In an effort to cut down on my words, I will post some poetry for today's entry. I decided to keep it to 150 words or less, and this is focused on what I'd like my inner spirituality to be. People say that rhyming poetry is out, and that free verse is better. I think this is free verse (no structure) but rhymes, so that's fifty percent of the battle won! Awhile back I wrote "Lord, I seek Your Hand." That was focused on trusting the Lord along my pathway. Tonight I write "Lord, I Seek Your Voice." This is focused on Hearing the Lord in my daily life. Being in a personal relationship with Him. Some call it "abiding in Him." Whatever it is called, I want it for my life...

Lord, I Seek Your Voice

Lord, if I can learn to live life reflecting Your smile and radiance on my face,
In times of adversity and in Your grace, then I'll skip to Your embrace.
To gain a calm in times of stress, I need to trust Your words to re-assess,
Let me hear Your voice often when I pray to live ever closely to progress.

It fills me with delight when You speak directly to me through Your Word,
And confirm it with the voice of others; then Lord, I feel so self-assured.
I'm stubborn, Lord, and my timing isn't good. My heart's desire is to obey,
Among friend and family, and other people that You place along my way.

Oh Lord, every day I walk with You, I seek Your Voice...and then Rejoice!

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