Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bovaird wit - made to fit Model-T at Car Show

My dad loved his car shows! He found it the most relaxing way to pass a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. He and my brother, Mike often went together. It was a good time for them to bond. He and Mom went sometimes but she would get a bit bored after awhile. But she did enjoy talking with some of the wives while dad and the antique owner would "talk shop" about their vehicles. The car shows consisted of (usually) old-timers who inspected each other's cars and gabbed a lot. Dad seemed right at home in the cloth seat he'd set up near the the cars he brought to show off. He was in his element and he always had a story to tell. He also always had a way to make his vehicles stand out in the crowd.

Five or six summers back I found my dad making a sign to place in the window of his Model-T Ford during a local car show - just to generate conversation, I gather. I volunteered to type it up for him. He seemed pretty pleased about the result and taped it to the inside of his window.

This is an example of his humor on the day he showed his Model-T Ford off at the Shriner's Hospital Car Show...If you know my dad, you will appreciate its humor!

~ ~ ~ ~

This 1925 Model-T was custom built by Henry Forge for his good friend, the Shaw of Platea, who used it as a brothel.

At the beginning of the Prohibition, it was sold to wealthy Lake City industrialist, J. Pierpont Snodgrass, who added wheels and remodeled it as a gin mill and floating poker game.

With the repeal of Prohibition, it was sold to the Reverend Martin Luther Jones, who added a woodstove to the car and used it for a hotdog stand and winter revivalist meetings.

After December 7, 1941, General Dwight D. Loosenbauer conscripted the car into the army as his personal command post in Paris and South Africa. It was flown in by boat; sands were removed and a crystal ball and ouijii board were installed, whereby it is rumored he successfully predicted the end of the war and the death of Elvis Presley.

It was later purchased by a consortium of Fairview businessmen who are presently using it to transport Politicians and other Criminals to and from the Girard McDonalds.

(Please wipe feet before kicking tires!)

~ ~ ~ ~

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