Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Squashbuckler

Well, folks -- I've been offline for two days now because I've been squashed under a heavy mass of blankets, and I've been "buckled up" in long underwear, flannel pajamas and a heavy robe. Is it any wonder? I've had the chills. I came down with whatever-this-is in the wee hours of Thursday morning, but went to work as usual, actually longer as I had go early and give a make-up test.

Friday I could barely move. I felt like I was in a great fog. I imagine I have the flu. I hope it isn't the swine flu. I don't know though as my doctor wasn't in his office on Friday and I heard my principal say that it cost $300 for the swine flu test. Since I'm not insured, I can guess that what I have is the normal flu ... sore throat, fever and dizziness. I missed a day of work, sent work along, however, for my students. Then I crashed in bed. All day long.

Today (Saturday) I woke up with lots of energy, clearer-headed and ready to take on the world. I washed dishes, did my banking and mailed a card. That's all she wrote. My energy bank had used itself up. I had to lie down. When I woke up, I completed a few loads of my laundry. Then, exactly the same result: with that burst of energy used up, I had to lie back down.

Then I woke up and made lasagna. By the time I finished that, I was more than woozy. I got my layers mixed up (at least that's what I tell myself; I suppose it could have happened flu-less or as usual, because I was clueless!). Lasagna takes lots of concentration even on a good day! I've not had a good history with this dish. I've only made it a few times, but the first time I attempted it, I was working between two recipes. I glanced down at my book and then at the box, and was ready to place the top layer on the coveted dish, when the whole glass rectangular baking dish careened to the floor and broke in a million pieces. Not only did I lose the dish, I cut myself and plugged up my sweeper vacuuming the rest of the glass up (the sweeper is still broken!).

Thanks for checking in today. I think I feel my energy waning again; I just might be squashbuckled into bed again within the next five minutes. Whew! This burst of energy is short-lived! But if it comes back, I'll post my next story to you.

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