Saturday, November 28, 2009

Trying to become a focused writer!

Becoming a disciplined, well-published writer takes determination. Beyond the exhilaration and frustration, there are always rewrites and more rewrites, and then adjustments of my attitude to take on. It seems I have to be ready for many "baby steps" before I can really achieve my own goals of publishing the books I want to produce. That's okay. I believe this is the avocation that God has planned for me, and I've spent my whole life preparing for these goals. I've written and written and written some more over the years. Now I am learning to guide and polish that writing, whereas before I just poured out my thoughts, and probably my heart. So, of course, I am going to have excitement when something is accepted and frustration when something else is rejected. I think I need to look at everything that gets rejected as opportunities, and if I can find what needs work, then I'll do it and resubmit elsewhere. If I really believe in my work, and feel it's it's good enough, then I will just send it off somewhere else.

Baby Steps... so the editor accepted three out of five devotionals for the devotional book on faith. That's positive, isn't it? Yes, two got rejected. But if I look at them, I'm sure to find what they are lacking. I just have to pick myself up, and keep writing. I'm gonna work hard. I will know more of what is expected for devotional writing the second time around. I have a new deadline of December 8th so that will give me time to write some more devotionals and revise the ones that didn't get accepted. So this is a good opportunity for me to develop my skills!

But how is this going to help me get my own work published - my own books? Well, the more I write and submit to various anthologies and magazines, the more confidence I am going to feel. Meanwhile, I am going to keep working on my own pieces and becoming more disciplined. The problem I have is that I submit too few pieces and then wait. I need to keep up a steady stream of good quality writing, which means I am going to have to set deadlines, and work a lot harder. I need to become a focused writer and I need to set goals.

Okay, Lord, please show me how to do this! Help me to organize myself and set weekly and monthly goals for each of my books and to continue with my other freelance writing projects. I am equal to the challenge. You promised me that I can do all things through YOU and I am going to trust that promise. Thank you, Lord.

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